GovLoop, a professional network for the public sector, recently released a Citizen Engagement Guide which examines key touch points between government and citizens and how to optimize them for maximum impact.

The guide shares seven short case studies where government is improving access to services and information along a three tiered spectrum: ‘must do’, ‘should do’ and ‘can do’ moments of citizen engagement.
GovLoop defines these as follows:

  • “Must Do” Moments: These are the compulsory points of engagement. How do we leverage these “forced” moments to inform and invite citizens to other opportunities for engagement?
  • “Should Do” Moments: These are the points of engagement when citizens aren’t required to participate, but it behooves them to do so. How does government make it easier to take advantage of these opportunities?
  • “Can Do” Moments: Sometimes citizens create their own rallying point. How does government most effectively come alongside these initiatives to appropriately fuel the positive, collective energy of a committed group of citizens?

The guide is an interesting take at citizen engagement from a service provision and information sharing perspective, and offers some useful examples. As well, each section features questions to consider in moving towards greater citizen interaction.

Unfortunately, deliberative opportunities – where citizens wrestle with tough choices and work towards public judgement – are starkly missing from the guide.

Take a look here, or download the guide: