Employers, employees and unemployed people from northern Illinois will meet using Google+ Hangout to talk about the proposed minimum wage hike and other employment issues, as seen by real people for whom these issues have real impact.

You are invited to watch, comment and ask questions at the Google+ Real Dialogues page. The online video discussions will be facilitated by Susanna Haas Lyons. Anyone can watch this Hangout and use the new Google+ Q&A feature to ask the participants questions (to ask a question or comment, you will be instructed to join or sign in to Google+).

Video hangouts can create an intimate, safe and convenient discussion for people who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to connect.

There will be three “Work & Wages” Google Hangouts over the next couple months, including interviews with experts, and all will become part of a television program:

  • The first Hangout is for participants to get to know each other and to explain and hear about their employment situations. 
  • The second Hangout will feature interviews with Conservative, Liberal and Alternative experts, who will also drop in to answer questions.
  • The third Hangout aims to tie it all together: what have people learned, have they changed their perspectives, and will this affect their lives?

The Real Dialogues organizers are politically neutral on this issue: their aim is to build understanding through civilized discussion, informing citizens and helping them grapple with the realities and conflicts that make this a difficult, and interesting, subject for discussion.

Tuesday October 29: Real Dialogues: Work & Wages
6PM Eastern
5PM Central
4PM Mountain
3PM Pacific

To find out about upcoming Hangouts, check out or sign up at the Real Dialogues website.

And special thanks to NCDD for the grant that supports this project and Google+ for technical support