Susanna Haas Lyons speaking 2017Digital Engagement and Public Participation, webinar, 2016
International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)

Principles-Focused Evaluation: An Evening with Michael Quinn Patton, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Simon Fraser University

District Energy & Water Academy, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Public Engagement Best Practices

Clear Seas, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Best Practices for Government and Community Engagement

BC Government Employees Union, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Social Media and Unions

Democracy and the City, Vancouver, BC, 2014
Residents’ Input into City Planning

Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Vancouver Annual Seminar, Vancouver, BC, 2014
Citizens’ Assembly on the Grandview Woodland Community Plan

National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation, Washington, DC, 2014
Training Small Group Facilitators and Note Takers; Video Deliberations; The Politics of Environmental Deliberations; Alberta Climate Dialogue

Social Media for Non-Profits, Vancouver, BC, 2013
Designing a Powerful Engagement Strategy

Social Media for Government Conference, Victoria, BC, 2013
Interactive Video for Public Engagement

National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation, Seattle, WA, 2012
Alberta Climate Dialogue and the Werner Institute, Webinar, 2011
Flexing Facebook’s Civic Muscles: Public Engagement in the Age of Social Media

Net Tuesday, Vancouver, BC, 2011
Flexing Facebook’s Civic Muscles

Masarykova demokratická akademie, webinar shown in Prague, Czech Republic, 2011
British Columbia Citizens Assembly and AmericaSpeaks’ 21st Century Town Meetings

Social Media for Government Conference, Victoria, BC, 2011
Leveraging Digital Tools for Effective Public Engagement on Pressing Policy Issues

Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, 2011
Greenest City Conversations; Flexing Facebook’s Civic Muscles

National Community for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD), webinar, 2011
Public Engagement in Local Government Decision Making through Facebook

Public Decisions Mobile Apps & Interactive Games Conference, webinar, 2011
Greenest City by 2020 Project: Bridging Digital and Traditional Participation in Vancouver, BC

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2011 Symposium “Vitalizing democracy through participation”, Berlin, Germany, 2011
Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, 2010
Transparency, Accountability and Community Engagement

OpenGovWest BC, Victoria, BC, 2010
Anatomy of a Participatory Government

Building Sustainable Communities, Kelowna, BC, 2010
Reinvigorating Democracy

BC Ministry of Citizens Services Citizen Engagement: Spotlight Sessions, Victoria, BC, 2010
Creating Ongoing Dialogue

Canadian Community for Dialogue Deliberation, Toronto, ON, 2009
Social Media in USA Presidential Election, Transition and Governance

University of Toronto – Learning by Doing, Toronto, ON, 2008
Embedding Citizen Voice into National Governance

University of British Columbia – When Citizens Decide, Vancouver, BC, 2008
Leveraging the Media to Accelerate Public Engagement Outcomes

International Association of Facilitators, Atlanta, GA, 2008
Rebuilding New Orleans: How Large-Scale Citizen Engagement Laid the Foundation for Success

Ignite Washington DC, 2007
Citizen Voices Driving Federal Policy – A Dream Come True?

US EPA Community Involvement Conference, Jacksonville, FL, 2007
Technological Solutions to Engaging Citizens

Minority Professionals In Alternative Dispute Resolution, Columbus, OH, 2007
Engaging Communities in Decision Making

Canadian Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, Ottawa, ON, 2005
Cities Communities and Neighbourhoods