Imagine balls of yarn flying through the air while people call out a word that describes themselves. Whoever catches it says their own  personal description and then launches the ball back in to the air. Colourful mayham. I love it.

A participant in my Justice Institute of BC course, Designing Engagement and Consultation Processes, told me about this yarn icebreaker this happening at a conference she attended. Hundreds of people were throwing multiple balls in the air while ‘introducing themselves’. At first, it was one person at a time. It quickly turned into artful chaos.

Afterwards, an artist collected all the tangled yarn and attached it to a wall. Over the course of the conference, participants co-created the yarn artwork by cutting and tying, knitting and knotting, or just playing.

This happened at The Taos Institute 20th Anniversary Celebration, April 11-13-2013 in Taos, New Mexico. See some pictures of the event.